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Spongebob Bapes

Get your girl some Spongebob Bape‘s…if she’s into that kinda thing.

Spongebob Bapes

(Buy em at Cliff Edge)


Foreign Family Affairs…

One of my favorite shirt design, ever, I think, is the Affairs Pastel by Foreign Family. It’s not new or anything, but I bumped into it again and wanted to show it off

FF Affairs

(Buy it at Black Rainbow)

Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks

So, I wrote about my buddy Adam Kampmeyer and his shop, Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks, a long time ago. But that was prior to my having a couple nice pics of his work to show off. Adam makes absolutely gorgeous custom furniture, and he’s now working with clients to design new pieces for their homes. If I didn’t spend all this time blogging and doing other less-than-productive things, I would buy a coffee table off him. Until then, you should contact Adam at PCW at 724-622-1554 and buy something pretty…and tell him to give Joe a coffee table…

Table and Bench from Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks

Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks Entertainment Center

Nice Lacoste Sneaks

These are so clean, Lacoste Missouri S/S 08.

Lacoste Sneak 1

(Format Magazine)

My Thoughts Exactly…

Blood is the New Black, by Patrick Jilbert:

Blood is the New Black Thick Girls

(Obviously, DG)

Ken Onion Blade

I like to cook, even if it’s just for me and the D. This amazing Chef’s knife from Ken Onion is made from layers of high carbon steel and has a ergonomic hardwood handle. This way, the next time I accidently cut myself (which happens, uh, about everytime I get near something I could cut myself with) it’ll just take my whole hand off. Combine all those trips to the hospital into one biggie, y’know, less of a chance of dying from staph…God, what a morbid turn this took. I’m done.
Ken Onion Chef Knife
(Acquire, buy it at Orvis)

With my Head Porter wallet…

Well, not a wallet, but after you spend your cash on a new iPod and this CLOT Royale X Head Porter case, you won’t have the need anymore. Head Porter is another of my favorite brands which I can’t afford. If you haven’t heard of them by now, you probably don’t care to, so I’ll shut it and put up pretty pictures. Peace.

CLOT X Head Porter Ipod Case 1

CLOT X Head Porter Ipod Case 2

(Thanks Hypebeast)