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Wow, Ye’s Crazy. Flashing Lights, V. 3

Okay, so…I posted the first and second versions of the Flashing Lights video from Kanye. The first was done up by Spike Jonze and the second was a little obvious, although nice. I think the third vid is my new favorite, though it is a bit derivative of some pretty well-know filmmakers. But, the very fact that I’m talking about a hip hop artist’s videos like this is just crazy. This video is crazy. I love this shit.


RZA Redo: Tragedy

I love the RZA, I totally wouldn’t have survived my adolescence if it wasn’t for Wu-Tang. This is a vid from back in the day. A totally under appreciated track.


Butterfly Table

Really pretty table from Based Upon across the Atlantic, complete with real butterflies embedded in resin. I like it.

Butterfly Table

Butterfly Table 2


Tim Biskup Art

Artist Tim Biskup has an exhibition at Jonathan Levine Gallery, in case you care. Nice stuff…

Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup 2

(From Slam X Hype)

Milkcrate Kills It!

So, sounds like an exaggeration, right? But no, Milkcrate Athletics‘s new stuff at Digital Gravel is just amazing. Lots of pretty shirts…pretty gangster, that is.

Milkcrate Beads

Milkcrate Delicious Gutterz

Milkcrate Liquid Swords

…And last but not least, maybe my new favorite shirt ever…oh, indeed.

Milkcrate Omar

Alife at Barney’s

These are some of the slickest kicks I’ve seen in a while. Been feeling a little sleepy on sneaks for a sec, but this was definitely rejuvenating. Alife Kennedy High Premium for Barneys. I think that’s in the Hamptons.

Alife X Barney\'s

(Word, Alife)

Talking Shit.

Even though I’m not so much into the gossip, I love this shirt. Married to the Mob, for the Ladies.

Talking Shit

(Buy it at the Krud, whatever buffalo…)