Monthly Archives: July 2008

Still Love Shoes

It’s been a little while since I posted shoes, I think, and I was getting a little itchy. Adidas is dropping the ZX 800 this fall in black and pretty blue, which is my favorite color. That is a color, right, pretty blue? And, why do I want to write colour…damned brits.

(High Snobiety)


3D Guernica

I was talking with Pops and Danno the other day about artists. and I mentioned Picasso. Of course, my brother and father are a lot smarter than me and discussed the business savvy Picasso combined with his genius at art. I’m sure my comments hung around, “I really like Picasso, his stuff is pretty.” However simple, I do find his work pretty, as well as brutally visceral; shattered portraits and landscapes. Guernica is one of my favorite artworks of all time, and if you care to, you can head to the wiki for some intro info. Artist Lena Gieseke created a 3D model of that work, and you should definitely check it out. Fairly amazing, imho.

This Chair Makes Me Think of Pollen…

…which makes my nose itch. Just looks like a flower, y’know, fuzzy and all. Anna chair designed by Ayala Serfaty, manu’d by Aqua Creations.

(Thanks Yeezy)

Hickey Fall

I don’t know much about Hickey, but their fall line caught my eye. It’s pretty preppy, but not in a plaid shorts on guys sort of way, but rather in an intellectual, collegiate way (Love the elbow pads). Which is good with me, because I like to hide my scorching insecurities underneath my nerdiness…word, Lacy, I do read Adorno for fun.

(Acquire Mag)

Custom Mishka

Mishka is one of my favorite small companies. From their designs, which lean toward the edgy and controversial, to their marketing, which is more than controversial, Mishka releases some great clothing that is definitely Macy’s ain’t have this, if you know what I mean. Adding to their impressive original releases, Mishka just launched their custom store, where you can mix and match colorways and designs until your tiny, blackened heart is content.


Bitmap Jewelry

Mike and Maaike took bitmap images of famous jewelry and made some nice leather accessories from them, referred to as Stolen Jewels. Pretty stuff, plus it makes me think of the scramble suit in A Scanner Darkly. Word to Keanu.

(Word to Kanye, too)

Get Drank

I think my brother told me about this first, but I finally saw their press release and website and it is as good as anything this side John’s winery. Drank is essentially, or ostensibly, legal syrup, which is just great for the kids. What it really is is valerian root, melatonin and rose hips (now, that’s gangsta). Drank, the first “EXTREME RELAXATION” drink, promises to “slow your role,” and “may cause one to lean.” Nice.