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G-Shock X LRG

My brother was talking about this watch a couple days ago, and I had seen something on it but hadn’t posted, though I had thought about doing so, since it is a collab from two of my very favorite companies.

Anyways, Lifted Research Group teamed up with Casio for their 10th Anniversary (LRG’s, that is), to releases a nice ass watch…ain’t nothing better than a nice ass watch. Grab it for the not-so-low price of 600 ducats at Karmaloop. Perty, it is…



Element X Imaginary Foundation Decks

Imaginary Foundation hooked up with Element Skateboards to release these pretty-as-hell decks for your poser ass. Sorry, don’t mean to be mean, know what I mean, man…what the hell just happened…I don’t know, but I do know that skateboarding is an entirely different thing than when I was younger, and overwhelmingly for the better. I’m still more Clyde Singleton than Ryan Sheckler, though…little punk.

Blackboard Watch by Rolf Sachs

In the spirit of learning, check out this watch designed by Rolf Sachs for Fortis. I like the chalk effect. While you’re thinking about the math, why don’t you read this, and then head over here, you really, really should (props on the posts, pops).


Bitmap Jewelry

Mike and Maaike took bitmap images of famous jewelry and made some nice leather accessories from them, referred to as Stolen Jewels. Pretty stuff, plus it makes me think of the scramble suit in A Scanner Darkly. Word to Keanu.

(Word to Kanye, too)

Nice Aesop Store

There’s been a lot of discourse (if one can call it that) recently about the shift from more functional, utilitarian appeals in advertising and branding towards those more focused on emotional, “instinctual” dimensions. To a psych geek this can seem a bit obvious from the trying to sell stuff side, but it also speaks to the consumptive saturation at play in many “developed” regions around the world. If our basic needs are always met, how else can we attempt to fill those gaping voids where our souls used to be, than by associating products and services with somewhat fantastical and largely unreachable desires? (Sorry, I had to…)

Well, all this concentration on emotions naturally leads sellers into the abstract and visceral worlds of good art and design…So, we get some pretty stores and products for all our trouble. Check out the first London outlet for Aesop, a skincare line from Australia. The store was designed by Ilse Crawford, and is both stellar and exquisite…like your humble narrator.

Aesop 1

Aesop 2

Aesop 3

Aesop 4


Head Porter!!!

Nice new stuff from Head Porter and The Reed Space, both of whom be the okey-dokey, if you know what I’m saying. If not, they still have some baggage accessories for anything you feel like accessorizing, in clean colorways. Catch up…

Head Porter X The Reed Space

(Slam X Hype)

New G-Shocks

The Casio G-Shock, now in its 25th year (holy shit…I am old!), released some pretties for all you kiddies this May. G-Shocks are great for a solid watch at a fairly reasonable price…which is good, because watches are expensive. So, until you grab that Patek, check em (of course, I like the blue one):

G-Shock 25th 1

G-Shock 25th 2

G-Shock 25th 3

(Hype script…oops, I mean Hypebeast)