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This Chair Makes Me Think of Pollen…

…which makes my nose itch. Just looks like a flower, y’know, fuzzy and all. Anna chair designed by Ayala Serfaty, manu’d by Aqua Creations.

(Thanks Yeezy)


Butterfly Table

Really pretty table from Based Upon across the Atlantic, complete with real butterflies embedded in resin. I like it.

Butterfly Table

Butterfly Table 2


Italy and 10-Year Plans

So…I guess when people ask you for a 10-year plan (or whatever year), they are looking for you to tell them that you plan on moving up the ranks at your law firm/corporation until you reach Junior Partner/C-suite. My plans have always been much less focused (no shit, huh.) and quite a bit less ambitious. So, in the interest of focus, I will only say that in 10 years I’d better have that phd and better not be in the U.S. There are a couple places I’d want to be, though I’m pretty open ended. Italy, however, keeps popping up again and again, and with their furniture stores looking like the museums in the U.S., and their population basically holding still, it looks better all the time. Now that I know Dylan can come without the requisite quarantine, that’s just one more reason. Until I get there, I’ll fawn over the art.

House design from the Corian Loves Missoni exhibit by Dupont. Currently at the CorianĀ® Design-Milano Store if you happen to be out Milan way. Pretties.

Corian loves Missoni

Corian loves Missoni 2

Corian loves Missoni 3

Corian loves Missoni 4

(From Kanye)

Splash Chair

I want a black one of these for my living room. Not that I sit anywhere else than on the right cushion of my couch with Dylan on my leg. Fuzzy bastard. Nice chair from designer Michael L. Wendel, the Splash Lounge.

Splash Lounge

(2Modern Design)

All Your Furniture Are Skateboards…

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Skate Study House is a project that uses skateboards and skateboard parts to recreate furniture found in Case Study Houses. I don’t even know what that means, but this stuff is so cool. If you happen to be in LA (yuck) stop in at BLEND and pick something up, it’s all for sale.

Skate Study House 1

Skate Study House 2

Skate Study House 3

Skate Study House 4

(Thanks Hypebeast)

Little Wild Garden of Love

Designer Tord Boontje designed this exhibition to show off the Italian furniture manufacturer Moroso at Milan’s Furniture show. Spooky and nice.

Milan Furniture install 1

Milan Furniture install 2


Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks

So, I wrote about my buddy Adam Kampmeyer and his shop, Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks, a long time ago. But that was prior to my having a couple nice pics of his work to show off. Adam makes absolutely gorgeous custom furniture, and he’s now working with clients to design new pieces for their homes. If I didn’t spend all this time blogging and doing other less-than-productive things, I would buy a coffee table off him. Until then, you should contact Adam at PCW at 724-622-1554 and buy something pretty…and tell him to give Joe a coffee table…

Table and Bench from Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks

Pittsburgh Custom Woodworks Entertainment Center