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Sustainable Shopping Concept

With all the concern over something referred to as climate change, which seems to be at least somewhat accelerated by the plague animal-like population expansion of homo sapiens and their pot latch style of dealing with finite resources, shopping for goods and services increasingly involves ethical or moral dilemmas. With this in mind, the Sustainable Shopping concept was created. Designer Martin Hanberger combined nutritional information and factors related to environmental sustainability to create a electronic personal assistant for your food shopping trips. The device also offers price checking and store maps plotted against your shopping lists. No word on whether it will offer warnings so that I can avoid the insane people hiding in many of the aisles at the giant eagle on South Side.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping 2

Sustainable Shopping 3

(Thanks Yanko Design)


Yard Work

So, though it is approx several inches square, I do have a yard…this requires mowing. Since I don’t feel like cutting individual blades with my scissors, it may be mower time soon…

Check out this Neuton Battery Powered Mower…No emissions, 45-60 minutes of mowing…so you can save the planet while cutting small parts of it to bits. It’s pretty too:

Neuton Mower

(Check it at Acquire, Buy it at Design Within Reach)

Bape x Nintendo DS

Bape DS