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Bitmap Jewelry

Mike and Maaike took bitmap images of famous jewelry and made some nice leather accessories from them, referred to as Stolen Jewels. Pretty stuff, plus it makes me think of the scramble suit in A Scanner Darkly. Word to Keanu.

(Word to Kanye, too)


Bape LA

The Bape LA store opened, with customary bad-ass styling, Asians with tons of bling, and Mike Tyson.

Bape LA 1

Bape LA 2

Bape LA 3



Though I don’t wear much jewelry, I like to buy some for lady friends from time to time. Because I’m poor, and don’t care to sell my soul for diamonds, gold, and platinum, anything different is appreciated:

Sarah Chilton Rings

Sarah Chilton Pendant

(Rings and Pendant by Sarah Chilton)

Djurdjica Kesic Pebble ring 1

Djurdjica Kesic Pebble ring 2

(Pebble Ring by Djurdjica Kesic)