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Frezno by Tony Stamolis

I’ve only been to Cali once, and that was to San Fran waaaay back in the day (though me and my brother got to skate at Union Square in the middle of the night, which was nice). So, I don’t know much about Fresno, but from the looks of Tony Stamolis‘s new book, Frezno, it’s alright: growers, gangsters, and skateboarders, what more could you ask for?

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Pete Harrison

Here is some more graphic design based work for this fine, muggy Tuesday evening. Pete Harrison is based in the UK and whips up some marvelous shit to get your mouth watering, y’know. Though, there is certainly a darkness to this the work. So if you want pretty and happy, maybe not so much…

Pete Harrison

Pete Harrison 2

(Thanks Kanye)

Sala Mágica

Photoshop art can be great, so-so, or just horrible. So says I. These manipulated images from Ricardo Salamanca are crazy, as are the rest on his terrific site, Salamagica. Go get yourself disturbed.

Salamagica 1

(Thanks, ideafixa)

IdeaFixa E-Magazine

IdeaFixa is a nice bi-monthly e-magazine with a slick interface and themed issues picked from contemporary international artists. If your are an into design, photos, illustrations, etc. you should check it…it is Free!, so there’s always that. If you are an artist, then you should participe.

IdeaFixa 11 Cover

More Kern from Vice (Yep, NSFW)

So, Danai from Vice Magazine‘s online video channel, VBS.TV, got a hold of me about a great interview/piece on Richard Kern, featuring work with Sasha Grey and bunches more lovely ladies. Not being one to turn down anything Kern, Lovely Lady, or the potential for free shit, I whipped up this post. So hit up the links above, and watch the Kern video here, and tell Vice to give me a subscription or a date with Sasha. I swear I’ll write about it to the 6-12 people who read this.

Kern X Sasha Grey 1

Kern X Sasha Grey 2

Oh Snap! Kern vs. Mishka (Definitely NSFW)

Mishka has designed some of the nicest looking, yet completely controversial pieces of the past few years. Their collab with Richard Kern is crazy!

Mishka X Kern 1

Mishka X Kern 2

Mishka X Kern 3

(Slam X Hype)

Albert St Sunset

One thing about Pittsburgh…we have some great sunsets:

Albert St. Sunset

Albert St Sunset 2