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Southside 412

Okay, so I’m really late on this one (Sorry Vin and Jay) but here’s the first episode of Southside 412 featuring all kinds of Southside Madness during the Ides of March March…Keep an eye out for Slacker Joe and Phat Man Dee – two more of my favorite people from the South Side of town.


Mario Guay for 2K

I love these shirts by Mario Guay, which, by the by, can be purchased for the low-low at 2K.

Mario Guay 2K 1

Mario Guay 2K 1

Mario Guay 2K 2

Mario Guay 2K 2

So Sorry, So Boring…

Hey all, sorry about the lack of post over the last week or so, been finishing up a paper on innovation and diversity (yikes), and my tiny brain can only do so much. So, apologies, apologies all around.

Keep it Movin, Y’all. Love,

That Joe

RZA Redo: Tragedy

I love the RZA, I totally wouldn’t have survived my adolescence if it wasn’t for Wu-Tang. This is a vid from back in the day. A totally under appreciated track.


Twin Peaks!!!

I cannot believe this was on tv at one time…

Flashing Lights V.2

So among the things one can say about Mr. West, apart from his transformation into a Japanese teenager, and his sometimes ridiculous ability to put a song together from samples to instrumentation to production, is that his videos are always way different from your standard video channel rap crap. You don’t get a lot of mean looking cats standing in front of the pj’s, or a lot of mean looking cats riding on big ass chrome-y wheels, but that gets a little tired, right guys?…right?

Anyways, case in point is the second video Kanye did for Flashing Lights. And, though I still like the first version better, this is pretty good stuff. Feeling like Katrina with no FEMA…

Ken Onion Blade

I like to cook, even if it’s just for me and the D. This amazing Chef’s knife from Ken Onion is made from layers of high carbon steel and has a ergonomic hardwood handle. This way, the next time I accidently cut myself (which happens, uh, about everytime I get near something I could cut myself with) it’ll just take my whole hand off. Combine all those trips to the hospital into one biggie, y’know, less of a chance of dying from staph…God, what a morbid turn this took. I’m done.
Ken Onion Chef Knife
(Acquire, buy it at Orvis)