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Blackboard Watch by Rolf Sachs

In the spirit of learning, check out this watch designed by Rolf Sachs for Fortis. I like the chalk effect. While you’re thinking about the math, why don’t you read this, and then head over here, you really, really should (props on the posts, pops).



New G-Shocks

The Casio G-Shock, now in its 25th year (holy shit…I am old!), released some pretties for all you kiddies this May. G-Shocks are great for a solid watch at a fairly reasonable price…which is good, because watches are expensive. So, until you grab that Patek, check em (of course, I like the blue one):

G-Shock 25th 1

G-Shock 25th 2

G-Shock 25th 3

(Hype script…oops, I mean Hypebeast)