You’re Gonna Love My Nuts

You’ve just gotta watch this, if you are one of the four people who haven’t already. It kinda sucks Vince got his tongue bit by a pros, and then beat her up, I was enjoying the Offer v. Mays infomercial battle. Oh well, you’re gonna love his nuts anyhow…unless he owes you money.


Livestrong Air Max 90

Okay, so even though these are fancy ass Air Max 90s from the Stage Collection, featuring Livestrong accents, and a small production release (150 pairs worldwide, I thinks), I really just like ’em because they match Pittsburgh sports teams’ colors. Now let’s go up 3-2 in the series, Pens, come on! (Regarding the shoes, Mentalkicks has a couple sizes in if you have the dough.)

(High Snobiety)

What Do Geese and Shoes Have in Common?

Okay, so fairly lame post title…I know, I know…

…But, as mentioned previously, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Zurich, and love them sneakers, you can head to Sneakerness and check out this sweet Collaboration betwixt Double Goose and Art Force One. This package comes with a leather goose down vest and some AF1s to match. It all comes in a pretty wooden box to keep your coolness in…I was at the mall a long time ago, back when skaters wore backpacks all the time, when it wasn’t retro to do such, it just was, and some kid asked my friend if he kept his coolness in his bag…pretty good burn.

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Plus41 And Grotesk Uptown Bespoke

Someday, somehow, I will get my ass into creating a pair of Nike iD Bespoke sneaks. For now, I will have to settle for looking at other people’s shoes. Designers Plus41 and Grotesk hooked up and made this lovelies, which are available for viewing at Sneakerness on May 9th if you are in Zurich, which is also some bullshit, how ’bout a little PGH love? Man, this was a tired ass post, but I’m feeling a little tired ass, and I’m glad it’s Friday. Happy early Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

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The Revolutionary Gourmet

The Revolutionary Gourmet is a new shoe company (new to me, at  least), founded by several fashion industry vets – Grey Lucci, Greg Johnson and Jon Buscenmi. The footwear feature classic stylings with some haute flair, and are made from high quality materials (“French tannery leather,” hand-sown loveliness, and memory foam insoles and air technology. The shoes also feature a range of high-end price tags, one can only assume. If you have the cash and happen to be in Hong Kong, swing by JUICE and get you some. Go on, you wanna, you really do…

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Converse X UNDFTD

Some picks of the army green version of Converse and UNDFTD‘s collabo: “Poorman’s Weapon.” Available on May 16th for about 10 minutes…then to the deadstock hunt. Good luck, kiddies…

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Incremental Housing Strategy

So, one of the things I’m currently working on is a book with my pops. The book focuses on several aspects (social, technological, economic) of everyday life beginning in 1975 and projecting out 20 years into the future. Tentative topic areas include energy, jobs, news, tv, books, movies, healthcare, education…you get the picture. One of the more interesting areas to me has to do with housing, especially amidst increasing urbanization. Current estimates indicate that more than a billion people live in urban slums, mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. This fact, of course, leads to the expression of pressing concerns. For instance, what does it mean to have the majority of people on Earth living in urban areas, and the majority of these folks in slums. How will these individuals be represented in the political realm in the years to come? As some have pointed out, most specifically in my own readings, Slavoj Zizek, the slum-dwellings may well form a massive, impromptu voting bloc, almost appearing as a post-modern proletariat, or perhaps a post-modern lumpen proletariat (e.g., the force behind the empowerment of a group of South American leaders, such as Hugo Chavez).

Another important concern revolves around the structural living conditions of those individuals, and how it might be possible to create more inhabitable dwellings amidst these incredibly haphazard preexisting shanty towns. This is where movements such as the Incremental Housing Strategy in India can play a great part. Designed by Filipe Balestra and Sara Göransson, with a pilot being launched in Pune, India, the project aims to turn urban slums into more sustainable dwellings through an incremental construction procedure. The architects have designed three skeletal frames which can be built-upon and placed within existing zones without displacing the communities living in them.

(Thanks, Dezeen)