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Italy and 10-Year Plans

So…I guess when people ask you for a 10-year plan (or whatever year), they are looking for you to tell them that you plan on moving up the ranks at your law firm/corporation until you reach Junior Partner/C-suite. My plans have always been much less focused (no shit, huh.) and quite a bit less ambitious. So, in the interest of focus, I will only say that in 10 years I’d better have that phd and better not be in the U.S. There are a couple places I’d want to be, though I’m pretty open ended. Italy, however, keeps popping up again and again, and with their furniture stores looking like the museums in the U.S., and their population basically holding still, it looks better all the time. Now that I know Dylan can come without the requisite quarantine, that’s just one more reason. Until I get there, I’ll fawn over the art.

House design from the Corian Loves Missoni exhibit by Dupont. Currently at the CorianĀ® Design-Milano Store if you happen to be out Milan way. Pretties.

Corian loves Missoni

Corian loves Missoni 2

Corian loves Missoni 3

Corian loves Missoni 4

(From Kanye)