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Nike Livestrong Kicks

In honor of the Pittsburgh Penguins making it to the Finals another year, I figured I’d post up some lovely shoes from the Nike Livestrong Collection, all in Pgh’s fav colorways. I’m not a big fan of the Air Footscape Wovens, but, hey, whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote, y’know. Original pics from Freshness Mag.

Nike Livestrong x Futura “FLOM” Dunks

Nike Livestrong x The Hideout Footscape Woven

Nike Livestrong x Busy P x So Me Air Force 1

Nike Livestrong x Mr. Cartoon Air Force 1


The Revolutionary Gourmet

The Revolutionary Gourmet is a new shoe company (new to me, at  least), founded by several fashion industry vets – Grey Lucci, Greg Johnson and Jon Buscenmi. The footwear feature classic stylings with some haute flair, and are made from high quality materials (“French tannery leather,” hand-sown loveliness, and memory foam insoles and air technology. The shoes also feature a range of high-end price tags, one can only assume. If you have the cash and happen to be in Hong Kong, swing by JUICE and get you some. Go on, you wanna, you really do…

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Nike Blazer Hi Holiday ’09

Nice brown Nike Blazer Hi…digging the plaid… I tend to dig a little plaid accent – as long as it isn’t your shorts. Available Holiday 2009.

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Might As Well Blog About Shoes…

…So, I’ve been sleeping on the blog game as of late, working on a book with pops, trying to keep my sanity, and using twitter to feed my egoistic desires. But, I figured I ought to come on back ’round wordpress way and spend some time posting pretty pictures and entertaining y’all with my pithy wit…or, just blogging about sneakers…

…Anyways, I haven’t been feeling Reebok much lately (this could be leftover resentment for not having big enough feet to buy the first pumps in 6th grade, but that’s neither here not there…), however, Reebok teamed up with polymath John Maeda and released these nice looking Ventilator Timetaniums. These kicks were designed using Maeda’s own algorithms and code, so…that makes them a lot cooler than shoes you would make, I guess. Not too many pairs were made (like, 100), but head over to sneakerNstuff and see if you can’t get you a pair. Because, you know for damn sure you didn’t get your paws on those Yeezy’s.

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Education is Sexy

Nice limited edition shirt from Alphanumeric celebrating learning…good group over there. Check it out come December 1 at Robust Flavor. You can wear it around town and sign kids up for college.

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Custom Mishka

Mishka is one of my favorite small companies. From their designs, which lean toward the edgy and controversial, to their marketing, which is more than controversial, Mishka releases some great clothing that is definitely Macy’s ain’t have this, if you know what I mean. Adding to their impressive original releases, Mishka just launched their custom store, where you can mix and match colorways and designs until your tiny, blackened heart is content.


Piet Dunks

If you’re into that whole Neo-Plasticism thing…we’ll see if anything ever comes of that. For me personally, I’ve always liked the “simple” color art – Rothko‘s one of my favs. I know a lot of people, including many of my friends who are artists, don’t think much of it. I think it has something to do with my not being very smart; my simpleness. I’m sorry, pretty colors are all I need.

Piet Dunks

Piet Dunks 2

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