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Nick Walker Hits NY!

If you happen to be strolling around NYC in the next few, you might just bump into something like this from Nick Walker:

Nick Walker NYC 1

Nick Walker NYC 2

(Check for more of this prettiest type of cancer at Slam X Hype and Wooster Collective)


Bape X Recon Pillow Re-Release

A bunch of years after they were first released, Recon and Bape team back up ton release some nice graff pillows.

Bape X Recon Pillow1

Bape X Recon Pillow2


Bangkok Graffiti

On this day in PA when people are casting their primary votes for one of the many candidates they have to choose from, how ’bout a little subversion. Here’s some anti-olympic graf in Bangkok, Thailand:

Beijing Graf

(Thanks so much FYI)