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Fuct X Medicom Pillow

Hurry up and grab this pretty pillow from Fuct and the folks who make my favorite bear, Medicom. There are like 20 of these in the U.S., so by the time I post it…

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 1

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 2

(Get em at the Krud)


Talking Shit.

Even though I’m not so much into the gossip, I love this shirt. Married to the Mob, for the Ladies.

Talking Shit

(Buy it at the Krud, whatever buffalo…)

New Krudmart Stuff

One of my favorite shops online, Krudmart, has released a number of new products at their online store. Krudmart carries nice, edgy stuff not so easily found elsewhere, and especially not in such a range of lines. My picks from the new releases include this Halter Dress from Kid Robot:

KR Halter

….This fresh ass Undrcrwn Argyle Vest:

Undrcrwn Argyle Vest

…and this Rogue Status tee featuring an excerpt from George Jackson’s Blood in My Eye:

Rogue G Jackson 1

Rogue G Jackson 2