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Where the Wild Things Are…

Sweet little Where the Wild Things Are Kubrick figures, from the good folks at Medicom…damn, remember when Spike Jonze was shooting skate vids…I’m getting old…



Can’t Buy Me Love Kubrick

Nice 1000% Kubricks from Medicom and Silly Thing featuring your favorite brit pop legends. All the dolls are 2’3″ so they’ll be like little friends who can’t make fun of how awkward and lonely your life is…always a good thing. Ringo’s the shit.

(Thanks Hypebeast)

Medicom X The Hundreds

The Hundreds, a favorite of mine from LA way, collabo-ed with Medicom and released the Adam Bomb figure in limited numbers in a sweet ass wooden crate. Bang like Bill Ayers…What, too soon? Shush, cop it from Gravel.

Hidden Bearbrick Collabs

Those toy-lovin’ folks at Medicom have hidden a number of special collaboration Bearbricks in their series 16 boxes. You know, those boxes that have no indication on the outside of what you are getting. Well, sometimes you luck out. And, sometimes you get chlamydia. I guess it just depends on the box. (That awful pun at the end their was actually unintentional, and is dedicated to my man, Lloyd Wilson, who I am going to coerce into giving me a giant piece of his amazing art for my wall. Because, as pops said, I have a bit of a minimalist style. So one masterpiece above the couch will do. Until Joce comes and puts something up. Or, until I cake up and get a Murakami.

Oh, but I digress. Collabs include Edbanger Records, Mint Designs, Gachapin x Mukku and more. Looky, pretty bears:

Bearbrick Series 16.1

Bearbrick Series 16.2

Bearbrick Series 16.3

(High Snob)

Fuct X Medicom Pillow

Hurry up and grab this pretty pillow from Fuct and the folks who make my favorite bear, Medicom. There are like 20 of these in the U.S., so by the time I post it…

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 1

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 2

(Get em at the Krud)

Bape X Bearbrick

Double the toys, design and decadence. Bape and Bearbrick collab. I think you have to get em at a Bape Store…or the ebay, I assume.

Bape X Bearbrick 1

Bape X Bearbrick 2

(Thanks Hypebeast)