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Read Tim S. on Joint Contrast

Hey all. Sorry, once again for the sporadic postings, but I’ve been watching the Steelers stomp on people and trying to conceptualize a business offering or two (yeah right…sounded good for a second though…). However, I just wanted to lead you readers to a friend of mine who is doing some writing over at Joint Contrast, a nice blog on music, culture, sports, and lots of other stuff I know you love.

Anyways, Tim S. has been like a brother to me for a long time now, even if we haven’t always been in continual contact (read: I’m an asshole who does a piss poor job of staying in touch…I know, I know). Other than being my bro, Tim is a great writer and you should encourage him by reading his posts. Check out his Top Ten Albums of 2008 Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3.