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Persu Mobility

This is the sickest car/bike/”Urban Life Vehicle” I’ve ever seen: the Persu Hybrid. So, so, so, so crazy. You have to watch the video on the site to get a real picture of it, just amazing. Can’t wait for the Big 3 to die in a few years (I figure we’ll waste a chunk of money keeping them alive for a bit yet), so we can get some more movement in the whole vehicel area, because the Americans lost it several decades ago. Again, wow…



…just what I need t be pushing…Satoshi Minakawa.

(High Snobiety)

New Cars

New cars are gonna be dope in the next few years, with everyone moving to hybrid, and the others scrambling to put out a product that will move. And guys…everything I drive past that is bigger than a Blazer just makes me think of small penises, no lie…and ladies, shame. Drive a hybrid or walk you fat bastards…

But, if you have to have a weekend whip, might as well be this guy from SpadaConcept:

SpadaConcept 1

SpadaConcept 2