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How to Launch a Shoe

New Balance is releasing a some crazy shoes in commemoration of the Beijing Olympics. The China Mask collection features elements from the Chinese Opera. All of this tells me that they will only be available in Asia, and will be ridiculously expensive. Pretty, though. And, what a way to launch some sneakers.

New Balance China Mask 1

New Balance China Mask 2

New Balance China Mask 3

New Balance China Mask 3

New Balance China Mask 4

(Thanks Lots Hypebeast)


Fuct X Medicom Pillow

Hurry up and grab this pretty pillow from Fuct and the folks who make my favorite bear, Medicom. There are like 20 of these in the U.S., so by the time I post it…

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 1

Fuct X Medicom Pillow 2

(Get em at the Krud)

Water Conserving Sink

Me and Pops…or is that Pops and I, were talking about the geopolitical ramifications of a coming lack of potable water, but then I went and put around 100mL of gas in my car for $20 and forgot all about it (the water, that is). However, Maja Ganszyniec has not forgotten, and made this nice sink that at least draws your attention to the amount of water one uses…because it will spill all over your feet if you don’t watch it, and wet socks suck. Plugless sink with manual pour:

Plugless sink

Plugless sink 2

(Yanko Design)

Air Yeezy X Tinker Hatfield

Now, we’ve seen a couple glimpses of the Nike Air Yeezy, developed by Mr. West and Mark Smith. Here’s a new version created for famed Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. I’m almost sure that these shoes will never come out. Once again, I couldn’t wear them. Not a big high-top rocka, y’know. But dope anyhow.

Air Yeezy Hatfield

(Slam X Hype)

Recording Studio in Italy

Beautiful recording studio in Tavernago, Elfostudio, created by Italian Architect Romolo Stanco. According to the designer, the studio aims for a kind of jazz fusion effect…ah, whatever, but it’s pretty. (Incidentally, if you’re in the market for a music studio in Pittsburgh, you should go here, Dana will take good care of you.)

Elfostudio 1

Elfostudio 2

Elfostudio 3


London 2090

Flooded London was created by the incredible media production group Squint/Opera and visualizes the English city several decades in the future when sea levels have risen substantially. The series is set years after initial chaos took place, and has a fairly Utopian perspective. Good luck on that, but pretty nonetheless; I like the style of the pieces. The absence of Kevin Coster-esque mermen is enough for me. The images are at Medcalf Gallery in Clerkenwell, London for the London Festival of Architecture.

Flooded London 1

Flooded London 2

Flooded London 3


Sustainable Shopping Concept

With all the concern over something referred to as climate change, which seems to be at least somewhat accelerated by the plague animal-like population expansion of homo sapiens and their pot latch style of dealing with finite resources, shopping for goods and services increasingly involves ethical or moral dilemmas. With this in mind, the Sustainable Shopping concept was created. Designer Martin Hanberger combined nutritional information and factors related to environmental sustainability to create a electronic personal assistant for your food shopping trips. The device also offers price checking and store maps plotted against your shopping lists. No word on whether it will offer warnings so that I can avoid the insane people hiding in many of the aisles at the giant eagle on South Side.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping 2

Sustainable Shopping 3

(Thanks Yanko Design)