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Georgeous New Acrylick Shirts

Acrylick kills it in these, can’t pick a favorite. Hurry up, it’s Christmas-time you Western, Monotheistic nutcases. Nah, I’m kidding, Christ, you know I love you. Happy early-birthday baby Jesus.

(Cop at Gravel)


Imaginary Foundation

The good folks over at Imaginary Foundation have been steady dropping clothing featuring georgous all-over prints that can only be described as artwork. For Christmas, keep it real with your boy (like that, danno), and grab one of their dresses or tops for your lady. She’s been so good to you: helping you build a happy home, helping pay the bills and keep food on the table, and helping you chop up and dispose of those bodies. So why not?

Mob Fall

One of my favorite streetwear lines for the ladies is Married to the Mob. They released a bunch of really nice clothes for fall, including wool coats and bombers. And, as always, the pics look nice. You gotta sell in this economy, people!

(Thanks, SneakerFreaker)

Bitmap Jewelry

Mike and Maaike took bitmap images of famous jewelry and made some nice leather accessories from them, referred to as Stolen Jewels. Pretty stuff, plus it makes me think of the scramble suit in A Scanner Darkly. Word to Keanu.

(Word to Kanye, too)

Talking Shit.

Even though I’m not so much into the gossip, I love this shirt. Married to the Mob, for the Ladies.

Talking Shit

(Buy it at the Krud, whatever buffalo…)

More Kern from Vice (Yep, NSFW)

So, Danai from Vice Magazine‘s online video channel, VBS.TV, got a hold of me about a great interview/piece on Richard Kern, featuring work with Sasha Grey and bunches more lovely ladies. Not being one to turn down anything Kern, Lovely Lady, or the potential for free shit, I whipped up this post. So hit up the links above, and watch the Kern video here, and tell Vice to give me a subscription or a date with Sasha. I swear I’ll write about it to the 6-12 people who read this.

Kern X Sasha Grey 1

Kern X Sasha Grey 2

Oh Snap! Kern vs. Mishka (Definitely NSFW)

Mishka has designed some of the nicest looking, yet completely controversial pieces of the past few years. Their collab with Richard Kern is crazy!

Mishka X Kern 1

Mishka X Kern 2

Mishka X Kern 3

(Slam X Hype)