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Merry Xmas…

…happy holidays, and all that politically correct crap.

No, really, happy holidays y’all, thanks for listening this year, and I’ll be talking to you soon. And…lest we forget those less fortunate, and though I know everyone is especially broke this year, if you have a couple bucks to spare, head over to Direct Relief and spread some joy.



Your Fly is Open McFly

For those of you who think you rock custom kicks, head on over to SneakerFreaker and check out these custom Marty McFly’s created by Mark Murath. The kicks cost $4000 and took 6 months to custom build…and are ridiculous. Though, you would definitely make Kanye jealous as hell.


Murakami in Frankfurt

Takashi Murakami‘s work reaches from faux LV purses (nah, just kidding, I’m sure you paid retail…), to Kanye’s album cover, to colorful nightmares everywhere. Anyways, Mr. Murakami’s show can currently be see at the Museum Fur Moderne Kunst, in Frankfurt, for all you globetrotters out there.

(Thanks, Kanye)

A.R.C. Sports Store

Not slowing doing at all, Alife has opened another ridiculously good looking store, the A.R.C. Sports Store, in the Lower East Side of NYC. So…if you happen to be there you should swing by.

On another note, and with visual documentation after the store pics below, Alife has teamed up with New Balance to release some nice ass 1300’s.

(Slam X Hype)

G-Shock X LRG

My brother was talking about this watch a couple days ago, and I had seen something on it but hadn’t posted, though I had thought about doing so, since it is a collab from two of my very favorite companies.

Anyways, Lifted Research Group teamed up with Casio for their 10th Anniversary (LRG’s, that is), to releases a nice ass watch…ain’t nothing better than a nice ass watch. Grab it for the not-so-low price of 600 ducats at Karmaloop. Perty, it is…


Jeff Soto

A lot of work went into the inaugural exhibition of Pop artist Jeff Soto, so if you happen to be in the Riverside, CA area it would be in your best interest to attend. The exhibit, entitled Turning in Circles, is open through February 21st, 2009 at the Riverside Art Museum. Go on, just go, then you can impress people with your knowledge of contemporary American Art…not that anyone will care, but…

(Word, Hypebeast, word)

Nike ACG Wildwood

Shoe time: Nike ACG Wildwood Premium ND. Love the coloway.

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