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A.R.C. Sports Store

Not slowing doing at all, Alife has opened another ridiculously good looking store, the A.R.C. Sports Store, in the Lower East Side of NYC. So…if you happen to be there you should swing by.

On another note, and with visual documentation after the store pics below, Alife has teamed up with New Balance to release some nice ass 1300’s.

(Slam X Hype)


Alife in Hollywood

For all of yall Alife tag poppers out there in Hollywood, cruise by Space 15 Twenty on Cahuenga Boulevard and check out the new digs. Lovely as usual.

Mario Guay for 2K

I love these shirts by Mario Guay, which, by the by, can be purchased for the low-low at 2K.

Mario Guay 2K 1

Mario Guay 2K 1

Mario Guay 2K 2

Mario Guay 2K 2

Unrivaled El Hunter Jacket

Ridiculously dope hunting jacket from Unrivaled. Head over to my favorite store I can’t afford, The Glade (Firmament) and grab yo-self something. This jacket reminds me of that scene in American Gangster where Denzel is hanging at the mob’s estate in who-knows-where Connecticut shooting skeet (heh). He’s hanging out with the boss, who is played by Armand Assante…who is the only Italian actor who is so bad that his Italian accent seems fake.

Georgeous New Acrylick Shirts

Acrylick kills it in these, can’t pick a favorite. Hurry up, it’s Christmas-time you Western, Monotheistic nutcases. Nah, I’m kidding, Christ, you know I love you. Happy early-birthday baby Jesus.

(Cop at Gravel)

Sorry Boston

Well, not that sorry…this Destroy shirt cracked me up.



Staple released a slew of new digs for the winter months, with super high-quality corduroys, jeans, and coats. Get some at DG.