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Higashiya Tea Shop

Since I can’t sleep, as I’m a little anxious about the dentist tearing my face apart tomorrow morning (sadists, all of them…), I might as well continue with some posting. Came across the Higashiya Tea and Sweet shop on Cool Hunting. Georgeous little spot in Nakameguro in Tokyo designed by Simplicity…looks amazing, and features all kinds of seasonal goodies…ah, someday I’ll make it to Japan…someday…


Ken Onion Blade

I like to cook, even if it’s just for me and the D. This amazing Chef’s knife from Ken Onion is made from layers of high carbon steel and has a ergonomic hardwood handle. This way, the next time I accidently cut myself (which happens, uh, about everytime I get near something I could cut myself with) it’ll just take my whole hand off. Combine all those trips to the hospital into one biggie, y’know, less of a chance of dying from staph…God, what a morbid turn this took. I’m done.
Ken Onion Chef Knife
(Acquire, buy it at Orvis)